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Featured Artist: Igor Kieryluk


Female Jace Beleren - Magic the Gathering

I adore Jace. He is fantastic, design and character. I had to cosplay him somehow! 

Design inspired by the wonderful art of makimonstrous and polishtamales

Cosplayer: eternal0aranel

(via ghastlyremains)


The 2012 Holiday Gift Box

  • Four Return to Ravnica booster packs
  • A pack of twenty Return to Ravnica basic land
  • Six illustrated plastic dividers
  • A sticker sheet for customizing the dividers
  • An alternate-art Dreg Mangler from Return to Ravnica. We’re not going to tell you what Dreg Mangler does.

MSRP: $19.99

Featured Artist: Brad Rigney


Garruk 3D Model - Mia Kim


Garruk 3D Model - Mia Kim

scallopfoot-deactivated20140519 said: My bro says all creatures with flying are either boring spirits dragons or birds. I would just love your help to prove him wrong. Can you do that?

Oh wow, where to start.  There’s about 1,200 creatures in Magic with flying.  And probably 80% are totally badass.

There are the sphinxes.

There’s angels and demons.

And one of my favorite types. Vampire Native Americans.

Not pictured: Drakes, Gargolyes, Griffins, Imps, Illusions, Horrors, Faeries, Djinns, and Insects